Meeting, course and conference

Daytime meetings, courses and conferences

Sky:skraperen can be reserved for meetings, courses, conferences and other gatherings 643 meters above sea level.
We can provide meeting facilities for up to 40 people.


  • Projector and canvas
  • Light- and sound proofing walls
  • Sound system with wireless microphones
  • Designated sound- and light areas
  • Wireless network (WLAN)
  • Designated LCD panel in each meeting room

We provide changing facilities for the participants, and all the attendees receives a conference folder from Sky:skraperen.

We recommend that you combine your meeting with activities from Bergen Base Camp. Ulriken643 offers rare adventures, so why not spend an hour of the meeting in the nature and experience the high mountain in the middle of the city at its best? See which activities we offer at our activity page.


  • Coffee, tea, water and fresh fruit during the entire visit
  • Warm lunch (meat or fish for main course)
  • The venue
  • Access to projector, canvas, and AV systems
  • Your own, sealed off meeting room
  • Conference materials (folders, pens, notebooks)
  • Price per person: 650 NOK



  • Breakfast: 99,-
  • Smoothie: 45,-
  • Rye pancackes: 35,-
  • Ulriken cinnamon bun: 35,-

Extra rental cost if less than 10 people in meeting room: 3000,-

Transport is not included.

At Ulriken643 – Sky:skraperen Restaurant & Bistro we provide complete meeting and conference facilities for up to 40 people.

Try something new

Try something new, away from all the stress and traffic in the city. Arrange your meetings or courses on the top of Mount Ulriken, in surroundings that stimulates both senses and mind.