About us


Ulriken643 offers a complete experience product where the quality is assured by Ulriken’s own operating companies, such as “Ulriken Taubaneselskap” (transport), “Sky:skraperen” (food and beverage) and Bergen Base Camp (activities and shop). Exciting additional concepts such as the family competition “Sporfinneren”, conference packages and GPS guiding serves as a solid financial foundation for Ulriken643. We are fifty employees in total; working to ensure that the visitors gets a unique experience in the Bergen highlands. The company’s annual turnover peaks at about 20 millions NOK with 150.000 annual visitors. Ulriken643 has a wide fundament consisting of 50 local shareholders.


Questions and answers

Ulriken offers a variety of experiences and activities. We receive many questions from regular visitors, and we will post these questions and answers on our site in order to give you as much information as possible before your journey to Ulriken starts. Please feel free to send us an email with your questions and comments, to post@ulriken643, and we will reply as soon as possible. Ulriken643 wish you welcome as our guest. We want you to have a safe trip, and thank you for showing consideration to our beautiful nature on the highland in the middle of the city!


We have 30 parking slots for private cars in addition to 2 slots reserved for disabled people at “Nedre Stasjon”. Parking costs 30 NOK per hour. The parking facilities are administrated by Euro Park. Any issues regarding fines, needs to be directed to Euro Park (Norwegian site). Thank you for understanding.


You may bring dogs on the cable cars, Ulriksbanen. Dogs have their own water station on top of Ulriken. Please show consideration for other passengers who may be allergic, and wait until the next turn.

For how long does the cable car ride last?

The cable cars are running every day 9 am – 9 pm. The ride takes 7 minutes to the top.

How many people does the cable car take on board?

The cable car takes up to 15 people at a time. The number will be reduced in case of wind.


Buses are running during high season from May to September with departure every 30 minutes to Ulriken. Tickets can be purchased aboard the bus, at Skolten or at the Tourist Information Office. You may also take the bus back to the city center.

Disabled/ handicapped

Ulriken643 is accessible by disabled people. Our facilities have ramps, restrooms and elevators adjusted to wheelchair users.