Café at Mount Ulriken

Everyone is welcome to stop by our café at the top. It may be a sight for sore eyes if you come hiking, but no matter your chosen path up feel free to enjoy a traditional dish from the mountain menu (fjellmeny), a cold or warm beverage, an ice cream or perhaps the renowned Ulriken bun while you recharge or unwind.

The café is located at the entrance of Skyskraperen. The kiosk opens at 9 while the kitchen follows up with its full menu from 11.

Opening hours



Tuesday, Wednesday (Drop-in)

9 AM - 7 PM

Thursday, Friday, Saturday (Drop-in)

9 AM - 11 PM

Sunday (Drop-in)

9 AM - 7 PM

May - September

All days 9 AM - 11 PM

What could possibly be better than relaxing here after a hike? Enjoy a nice lunch or some refreshments while breathing in the fresh air and appreciating the great view and scenery of Bergen and its surroundings.

We hope you will stop by soon (and again and again), whether you use the Sherpa stairs up Oppstemten, do the Vidden hike or take the cable car shortcut.