The best view in Bergen!

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From the cable car and the plateau on top you have an incredible views of the
city surrounded by mountains, fjords, lakes and coastal landscapes.
At the
top you can enjoy great quality dining at Skyskraperen, one of the most renowned quality restaurants in Bergen, and have a relaxing experience,enjoy more adventures activities and hikes, or just enjoy the views and mountains with some refreshments and light dining.

We have a beautiful hiking area for short and long walks, including the sherpa stairs to the top finished in 2019.

One of the most popular hikes in Norway, Vidden, starts at Mount Ulriken and will lead you over to Mount Fløyen in 4-5 hours.

Through our activities providers on the mountain top, we offer a variety of activities and tailor made events for groups and individuals, including zip- line, guided hikes and climbing.

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Only 25 minutes from the city centre to the top of mount Ulriken, you can discover the untouched nature at the high mountains in the middle of the city. You haven't seen Bergen until you've seen it from Ulriken

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Experience Nature's Splendor, Adventure, and Culinary Delights at Ulriken – Bergen's Most Majestic Mountain Peak

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Our restaurants

Did you know that Ulriken consists of three different restaurants? Whether you want to end your trip with an ice cream, enjoy the view from our terrace with a mountain burger or plan an all-nighter with your loved ones, you are welcome to enjoy small and large dining experiences with us.

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