Bergen's highest city mountain will give you an airy soar with fantastic views of the city and its fjord and mountains

Try Norway's fastest zip line. The zip line can be found here on Ulriken, Bergen's highest city mountain. From the zipline you get a great view of the city while soaring at high speed above the ground. The activity is not physically demanding, but rather mentally challenging, with a nice feeling of mastery when you have come to a stop at the other end.

The opening hours for Zipline is Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 17:00 pm.

During the summer holidays (June 23rd - August 14th) the zipline is open from 11: 00 am-17: 00pm Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

From 15 August until the autumn holidays, the zipline is open again on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00am to 17:00pm.

Remember that as an Ulriken annual card holder you get NOK 90, - in discount on the adult tickets and NOK 50, - in discount on children tickets. You can deduct this in the booking process.

Ordinary adult price is: NOK 490, -
Ordinary child price (8-15 years) is: NOK 300, -

Questions about Zipline?

Please contact Bergen Base Camp at eller telephone +47 55 32 55 00.

The Zip line starts just below the terrace in front of the restaurant on Ulriken and goes 300 meters in the direction of Mount Fløyen. The zip line has a maximum incline, which means that you get good speed before you are slowed down quickly and safely with our Zip-stop. The zip line is staffed by our specialized instructors who at both ends check that you get safely on and off the line.

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The construction of the zip line on Ulriken has a minimal impact on existing outdoor life. In addition, the encroachments on nature required to build the zip line are insignificant and invisible, as wires and bolts merge with nature and only attach to the bedrock. The zip line is environmentally friendly and the use of the zip lines does not require energy other than the energy that the users themselves burn. The facility does not seize areas that should otherwise have been used for other purposes, such as cultivated land or productive forest. They are located off the hiking trails, in an otherwise little used area. There are also no harmful side effects of the zip line, such as emissions or pollution.

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