Sky is the limit! So take your business closer! At Skyskraperen we also mean it quite literally.

Give it your best to make it a flying start to the new season. Bring new enthusiasm through a social day in special surroundings. No matter the agenda, find creativity and new ideas outside the office up here with us. Please contact us for more information.


Naturally this room faces the top of Mount Ulriken. The small room has a big round sofa with a split table and fits up to 12 people.

Equipped with a 65" TV screen and control of both lighting and sound it is perfect for a small meeting or get together.

Ulriken Bordoppsett


From its northernmost position overseeing Mount Rundemannen, Isdalen, Vidden and parts of the city centre, this room offers different setups for different occasions. May also be combined with "Fløien" and turned into "Vidden" for bigger parties.

Combined with the bar & lounge close by it is perfect for medium events of all sorts.

Also set up with its own sound system and projector.

Rundemannen Bordoppsett


Lying alone in the basement this is definitely our most private room and perfect if you are sensitive of the buzz and sound from others during your meeting, dinner or private party.

From its windows you will see the city center and surrounding mountains. A door leads directly outside to the mountain side if you feel like stretching your legs while breathing in some fresh air.

This is the room you get if you are up for a cooking course or a demonstration show from one of our chefs. Also perfect for private tastings or various courses.

Equipped with a 75" TV screen with built in Chromecast and private lighting and sound control.

Bergen Bordoppsett


With panoramic windows towards the city centre and Fløyfjellet this room gives you a great view all the way from the oil & gas platforms of Troll in the horizon to Isdalen and Vidden.

The room has its own door to the terrace outside, and may also be combined with "Rundemannen" or "Lyderhorn" for larger groups, and is available with its own projector and sound system.

Floien Bordoppsett


Facing the view of Mount Damsgård and its surroundings on one side and our nice wine cabinet on the other, this is the perfect room for wine tastings, meetings, presentations or smaller parties.

The room may be set up with its own projector and sound system.

Damsgard Bordoppsett


Combining both Fløien and Rundemannen it gives birth to Vidden, our perhaps most popular room for medium sized dinners or events. Turn your head 180 degrees and see from Damsgård to Troll, the city center, Fløien, Isdalen, Vidden all the way to the top of Mount Ulriken.

The room can be expanded with both a bar and lounge, and is the perfect for all sorts of parties if you feel like mingling.

Comes with private projector and sound system.

Vidden Bordoppsett

One-time ticket


Adult 195,-
Child 95,-
Family ticket (2 adults + up to 3 children) 445,-
Adult 345,-
Child 145,-
Family ticket (2 adults + up to 3 children) 790,-

*Children under 4 years old and dogs are free.

*Groups over 10 people get -10% discount

Annual Pass

Imagine being able to access the top of the city whenever you want, all year round! The annual card pays off from the third visit!

Adult 995,-
Child 495,-

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