How do you say Ulriken Cable Cars in Norwegian?

Where can I buy tickets to the Ulriken Cable Cars?
You can purchase tickets here, at the ticket booth at the lower cable car station, or at Tourist Information above the Fish Market.

How often go the Ulriken Cable Cars?
Departs every 7-10 minutes continuously.

Is Ulriken accessible for people with disabilities?
Yes, we have ramps and lifts that make the cable cars easily accessible to everyone.

How much does the Ulriken Cable Cars cost for a family?
We have special family prises, more info here.

Can I take my dog?
Yes, all four legged creatures are absolutely free!

What is the mast for?
It is built for broadcasting and telecommunications.

I want to eat dinner in their restaurant, where do I book?
Reserve a table here.

When does the last cable car go down?
The last cable car departs at 21:00. Meet up a bit before.

Do you offer group discounts?
We offer a 10% group discount for groups of 10 or more. Go to the ticket office at Ulriken's lower station for group discounts.

I will cycle down Ulriken, does it cost extra to take bikes in the cable car?
No, bikes are completely free. We appreciate that your bike is clean and that you pay attention to fellow passengers in the gondola.

Where does Ulriken Express busses go from?
Corner of Strandgaten / Torgalmenningen See bus info here.

Who are "Perle og Bruse?"
Advertising figures created by the artist Carl Johan Skauge for Bergen's Hansa Brewery in 1935. Perle & Bruse is a traditional children's soda and their characters have excited many children over the years. We are proud to maintain this tradition, and consider Pearl and Bruse as our mascots!