Ulriken Cablecar

Its name probably came from the Nordic “Alrek”, meaning the towering. The sides of the mountain are steep, but the top reveals a magnificent recreational area towards north, south and east. The view from the top overlooking the city and surrounding scenery is wide.

The first ski jump event was held here in 1896. The “Bergensrennet” was held in Gimlebakken at mount Vassli in 1908. The first ever national combined competition was completed in 1909. The local event “Ulriken utfor” was first held in 1963. The hiking march “Ulriken over” was arranged for the first time that same year with 4000 participants. In comparison, in 1967, there was 19.000 people who attended.

In 1959, a telephone antenna was raised on top of mount Ulriken. Many people feared that this would ruin the aesthetics of the silhouette of the mountain. The building process met conflicts as this was a pioneer project on a national scale, and transportation of materials was disturbing the peaceful nature. The station was finally built away from the edge and not affecting the skyline. The station was put into operation in 1960.

The 40 meters concrete pole has a diameter of 3 meters below and 2 meters above the ground. A 38 meters tall metal tube is placed on the top.
A Swiss company constructed Ulriksbanen, the cable cars, in 1961. From “Nedre stasjon” in Haukelandsbakken and up to the final stop, located 607 meters above sea level, the ropeway has a length of 1120 meters. The journey takes 7 minutes each way, and will transport you by one of the two cable cars. Each cable car is seating 15 passengers.

Ulriken643 is Ulriken’s own brand. This brand develops adventures and activities on top of the highest mountain in Bergen. As a part of the concept “The Highland in the middle of the city”, Ulriken stands as a unique landmark, tourist attraction and recreational area in Bergen. We are proud to run the only cablecar i Bergen.

Opening hours:

Every day // 09:00-21:00


One way ticket:
110,- Adults
70,- Children (4 – 16+)

Return ticket:
170,- voksne
100,- children (4 – 16 år)
460,- family (2+2)*

Ulriken643 season card:
1140,- adults
2280,- family (2+3)

*You can buy your family ticket on the top of the stairs, not in the ticket machine.

Where do you find us?

Haukelandsbakken 40
5009 BERGEN, Norge

Call us?
53 643 643

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