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Did you know that Ulriken consists of three different restaurants? Whether you want to end your trip with an ice cream, enjoy the view from our terrace with a mountain burger or plan an all-nighter with your loved ones, you are welcome to enjoy small and large dining experiences with us.

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At the city's highest peak, you can buy items from the kiosk, light meals and lunch from the Mountain cafe or treat yourself to a seasonal 3 to 5-course meal at the Skyscraper Restaurant.

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The kiosk - the perfect stopping place after the trip

Ice cream, buns, coffee and pastries are typical things you can buy in our kiosk. With a large selection of cold and hot drinks, as well as tempting snacks, we have everything you need when you want something simple and good. Besides, we're not wrong when we say that it does something for motivation when you know that an ice cream is waiting at the top?

The kiosk is one of our old gondola cars - you will find it to the right of the entrance from May to September. Out of season, you can buy kiosk goods in the cafe.

Ulriken kafe lunch Photo: Caspar Steinsland

Ulriken cafe - when you need a breather

Bergen fish soup, mountain fjøl with cheese and cured meat or our popular mountain burger? No matter what tempts you, you will find a large selection of small and large dishes in our cafe. Our chefs put a lot of effort into preparing a tempting menu based on fresh ingredients and local food traditions. At our cafe, you don't need to book a table in advance - come as you are after a mountain trip, or take the track up a day when you want to treat yourself to an extra good lunch in spectacular surroundings.

Ulriken café is located at the entrance to Skyskraperen and has seating both inside and outside on the terrace. Ulriken cafe follows the opening hours of Ulriksbanen.

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The Skyscraper - Unique food experiences in spectacular surroundings

Exciting flavours, something good in the glass and a view you won't find its match. There is little that beats an evening out with family, good friends or a loved one. With a focus on local produce and a menu based on the different seasons, our chefs develop unique dishes - made with love and consideration for nature and circumstances. Every season we launch a brand new 5-course tasting menu at Skyskraperen, four seasons - four menus. But a meal at Skyskraperen is about more than just good food; as a guest with us, you should feel looked after and be confident that your experience is important to us.

You can find the Skyscraper in the innermost part of the room by using the same entrance as the cafe.

No matter which of our three dining venues tempts you, we welcome you to a good dining experience with us at Ulriken. See our opening hours.

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