Uptown Bergen

Welcome to the highest part of the city of Bergen! Highland nature, mountain hikes, local food and lots of family fun. Ulriken643 is one of the most popular attractions in Bergen. From the cable car and the plateau, there are amazing views of the city surrounded by mountains, fjords, lakes and coastal landscapes. At the top, you can try our many drop-in activities, including Norway´s fastest zipline. There is also a beautiful area for short and long mountain walks. As a part of the concept “The Highland in the middle of the city”, Ulriken stands as a unique landmark, tourist attraction and recreational area in Bergen. We are proud to run the only cablecar i Bergen.

Enjoy beautiful summer nights at mount Ulriken. The cablecar runs every 7 minutes all day from 09:00-21:00.

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5009 BERGEN, Norge

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