The "New" Ulriken turns one year old!

After the new opening in October last year, a record number of Bergen residents and tourists have made the trip to the city's highest mountain.

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New gondolas, modern meeting facilities and unique dining experiences are just some of the innovations that have left their mark on Ulriken in the past year.

- Annual passes at Ulriken have never been as popular as they are now. With the old tracks, we sold 888 season tickets. We now have a total of 6,700 annual passes on the market, so it is clear that the upgrades have been both necessary and long-awaited by many, says Amanda Haugland, general manager at Ulriken 643.

Year-round operation

The new changes have helped to make Ulriken attractive all year round, even outside the high season in summer. In addition to tourists and people from Bergen who enjoy hiking, the investment in the business market has also been important.

- More and more people want to combine professional content with experiences, so we have had a good increase among companies that want to add meetings, Christmas parties and company gatherings to Ulriken. The various meeting rooms are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and other things needed to arrange a slightly different gathering with colleagues.

Ulriken becomes even more accessible

Whether you come by car, bus or Ulriken's own express bus, it is easier than ever to get to the highlands.

- During the year, we also got a good evening and weekend agreement with the parking facility at Haukeland hospital, so that it will be even more affordable to park near Ulriken for those who want to drive. You can now park at Haukeland hospital and take the stairs from inside the car park up to Ulriken's lower station for only NOK 7.50 per started 30 minutes at weekends. In addition, we are very much looking forward to the light rail opening at the end of November, then many people in the stretch from Kaigaten to Fyllingsdalen will have a short and easy way to Ulriken, says Haugland.

Unlike the old tracks, both the stations and the gondolas are now universally designed. This is an important part of making Ulriken more accessible to everyone.

- We are continuously working on measures that can contribute to making Ulriken as a destination even better and have exciting plans for the future.

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